W.K. was also never designated a “cultural ambassador,” the spokesperson says, though embassies around the world routinely invite artistic and cultural figures to make appearances. But such events are subject to oversight, and W.K.’s offer of showing the Persian Gulf island nation the “power of positive partying,” did not pass muster.

The State Dept. 

Probably for the best.




Dear friends, this is just to say that October 23rd will see the release of the third Titus Andronicus album titled Local Business via XL Recordings. A nationwide US tour will follow the albums release, dates TBA.

While the first two albums were elaborate concoctions, Local…

Glorious news!

Jack White’s “Vault”

Jack White has an amazing room in his house.

White walked back to a room called the Vault, which is maintained at a constant 64 degrees. He pressed his thumb to a biometric scanner. The lock clicked, and he swung the door open to reveal floor-to-ceiling shelves containing the master recordings of nearly every song he’s ever been involved with. Unusually for a musician, White has maintained control of his own masters, granting him extraordinary artistic freedom as well as truckloads of money. “It’s good to finally have them in a nice sealed environment,” White said. I asked where they’d been before, and he laughed. “In a closet in my house. Ready to be set on fire.”

Jack White employs the technology seen in the movie “Gattaca” to keep his recordings safe and in pristine condition.

Jack Outside the Box (NY TIMES)